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Get in touch with me!

Please note that I will always attempt to reply to messages the same day, but any delays are likely to be the result of my chronic illness. Thank you in advance for your patience and support. 

Collaborations and content ideas:

If you would like to collaborate or contribute content ideas for my website, please email me at I would love to feature other writers on Life Behind a Mask, so do get in touch if you are interested in working with me. 


Advice and support:

For those who would like to seek advice or support, please message me on instagram, at life.behind.a.mask, or email me at I am currently receiving a high number of direct messages, so do be patient when awaiting a response. I hope you understand. Also, please note that I do not possess formal qualifications- I am simply using my experience with autism and chronic illness to help other people in a similar situation. 


If you require a worksheet in the form of a Google Doc, please email me with the title of the worksheet that you are referring to.