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Life Behind a Mask Consultancy adopts a person centred approach, which means that my services frequently adapt to meet the individual needs of my clients. Whilst I do not offer therapy, some individuals benefit from speaking to me about the emotional and physical impacts associated with living in a world which is dominated by neurotypical people. Others have a preference for practical support, which could include anything from preparing for an official autism assessment to developing useful coping mechanisms for autistic burnout and executive dysfunction. If you would like to discuss the ways in which I can support you, please enquire below. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Virtual Autism Consultation 


I specialise in offering support to self-diagnosed autistic individuals, officially diagnosed autistic individuals, schools and family members.  My services include, but are not limited to:

  • Skills based support, including the implementation of coping strategies for executive dysfunctioning and emotional dysregulation

  • Emotional support for autistic individuals and their families 

  • Supporting clients to prepare for an official autism assessment 

  • Educating schools about how they can support their autistic students 

  • Contacting healthcare professionals on behalf of my clients

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60 Minute Teen Mentoring Session 


Navigating life as an autistic teenager can feel incredibly confusing and isolating, but you don't have to do it alone. I will support my client to:

  • Understand how to ask for appropriate support within school 

  • Embrace their autistic identity

  • Avoid burnout by implementing effective pacing strategies 

  • Discuss their worries and concerns within a safe and accepting environment 

  • Find a balance between work and rest 

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Virtual Support Group


The virtual support group promotes social connectedness, the importance of which is often overlooked within research. Members of Life Behind a Mask's support group meet each month to discuss anything from the implications of late diagnosis to autistic burnout. Come and join our community!

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Emily is a respectful and knowledgeable individual who is an asset to anyone seeking guidance or support regarding autism. Her lived experience is vital to this field, and I felt more understood by her than any other healthcare professional. Emily provided concise examples and worksheets to further my comprehension of autism and the diagnostic criteria. She has given me confidence to advocate for myself during my autism assessment

The consultation I had with Emily was incredibly helpful. We talked about how I may fit the diagnostic criteria and Emily also gave me the push I needed to go and ask for an assessment. By the end of the chat, I felt really supported and validated. I would tell anyone who has doubts about whether they have ASD or not to go and ask for a chat with Emily.

I’ve had many doctors, counsellors and psychiatrists and I’ve never felt listened to or understood. Emily put me at ease; she listened and never judged. Emily is great at giving constructive advice in a way that doesn’t make me feel like what I’ve asked is wrong, and she is also able to steer people to the information and support she feels will benefit them. My mental health team have never picked up on my executive dysfunction struggles and I was never offered any help surrounding anything like this, so thank you Emily.

I truly valued the guidance that Emily provided me when it came to addressing my four year old daughter's behavioural issues. Emily not only understood how alienating and lonely it can feel as a parent, but she also addressed insightful thoughts and implications about my child's behaviour potentially being due to anxiety, which I think the teacher failed to recognise and properly deal with. Emily made me realise that my child will always l have her own personal interests, limitations and personality beyond any diagnosis.

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