Original Poetry: Am I Invisible to You?

Am I invisible to you?

My mask is secured; you can’t see through,

I was told that professionals could detect the truth,

But I am still invisible, even to you.

‘Autism’s a spectrum’, they say,

Almost dismissing the struggles, they persist everyday!

Why can’t you fathom the pain still remains?

Maybe it’s because I'm invisible.

I lay my cards out on the table,

You claim I’m too young to be given a label,

‘You present yourself well, you’re emotionally stable’,

Still, I remain invisible.

If I were a boy, would my voice be heard?

Would you still look at me, are my thoughts still absurd?

Would you still tell me I cannot be cured?

I’m screaming for help, but you won’t take my word.

Maybe it’s because I'm invisible.

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