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About Emily Hustwick

I’m Emily, an Independent Autism Consultant offering pre-diagnosis and post-diagnosis support. Mental illness has always been a topic of interest to myself, but when I received my diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of eighteen, I felt overwhelmingly compelled to raise awareness for neurodiversity and the staggering implications that this can have over one’s life. Truthfully, society often fails to understand the complexities that come alongside living with neurological differences, so it can feel daunting to know where you can look for help, and perhaps more importantly, who you can trust. Unfortunately, autism continues to be misrepresented within the media, resulting in the stereotypes being perpetuated, yet I remain committed to enlightening my clients about the realities of the spectrum. Not only will I support you to prepare for a diagnosis, but I will also act as a listening ear- a dependable individual to turn to in times of deep uncertainty.


My service will bring reassurance, understanding and a commitment to positively influencing people’s awareness of autism. I feel grateful to be able to offer you such support from the comfort of my own home, because as you can probably imagine, the anxieties associated with working outside of my environment are overwhelming for me too. We are walking a similar path, so though you may currently feel like no one understands or relates to your story, I can assure you that you’re not alone.

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