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Meet Emily

Founder of Life Behind a Mask Consultancy

I’m Emily, an Independent Autism Consultant offering pre-diagnosis and post-diagnosis support. Mental illness has always been a topic of interest to myself, but when I received my diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of eighteen, I felt overwhelmingly compelled to raise awareness for neurodiversity and the staggering implications that this can have over one’s life.


Truthfully, society often fails to understand the complexities that come alongside living with neurological differences, so it can feel daunting to know where you can look for help, and perhaps more importantly, who you can trust.


How can I support you?

Leaf Pattern Design

Your online independent autism consultant

Online consultations with Emily Hustwick

Through the provision of pre-made resources, I will support you to feel prepared for your official autism assessment

Together we will discuss the ways in which you can begin to navigate life following a diagnosis

I am committed to enhancing my client's understanding of autism by referencing valuable research

I will offer reassuring advice regarding how you can support an autistic loved one throughout their pre or post-diagnosis journey


Supporting you on your pre-diagnosis and post-diagnosis journey 

I truly valued the guidance that Emily provided me with when it came to addressing my 4 year old daughter's behavioural issues, who is awaiting an evaluation for Autism and ADHD. Emily made me realise that she not only understood how alienating and lonely it can feel as a parent, but she also addressed very insightful thoughts and implications about my child's behaviour possibly  being due to her having her own personal anxieties as a child, which I think the teacher failed to recognise and properly deal with. It really made sense to me and I was also given a realisation that no matter what the results of the evaluation are, the child will have her own personal interests, limitations and personality beyond any diagnosis. Thus the guidance I received was incredibly enlightening, important and also eye opening for me as her mom, because I may have also overlooked the fact my child also was not emotionally interested in being around new people and could be a personal challenge, thus the challenging behaviour. Thank you dearly, Emily. 

- Ranna Abedal Raheem

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